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stylish adj
1 having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress; "a little less posh but every bit as stylish as Lord Peter Wimsey"; "the stylish resort of Gstadd" [syn: fashionable] [ant: styleless]
2 being or in accordance with current fashion; "fashionable clothing"; "the fashionable side of town"; "a fashionable cafe" [syn: fashionable] [ant: unfashionable]

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  • /ˈstaɪlɪʃ/, /"staIlIS/


  1. Having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress
  2. In the context of "film": Having a particular directing style or cinematography.


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Stylish is a free Mozilla extension that allows for the manipulation of web pages and XUL application user interfaces through the use of CSS or user styles available localy or from centralized web-site, which allows style sharing. It is available for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Flock.

Comparison to Greasemonkey

It is often compared to Greasemonkey, another Mozilla extension that allows for the client-side manipulation of web pages through userscripts, or client-side JavaScript. Furthermore, the website of the extension, which hosts a gallery of user-created stylesheets, also allows for the option of installing a webpage stylesheet as a userscript through Greasemonkey.


Below are some examples of Stylish user styles being applied to web pages.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Daedalian, a la mode, adept, adroit, apt, artistic, authoritative, bravura, brilliant, chic, chichi, classy, clean, clever, coordinated, crack, crackerjack, cunning, cute, daedal, dashing, deft, dexterous, dextrous, diplomatic, doggy, dressed to advantage, dressed up, elegant, en grande tenue, endimanche, excellent, exclusive, expert, fancy, fashionable, good, goodish, graceful, gussied up, handy, in, in fashion, in full dress, in full feather, in high feather, in tails, in the mode, ingenious, magisterial, masterful, masterly, modern, modish, natty, neat, new, new-fashioned, newfangled, no mean, ostentatious, politic, posh, pretentious, professional, proficient, quick, quite some, rakish, ready, resourceful, ritzy, sassy, sharp, showy, skillful, sleek, slick, slicked up, smart, snappy, snazzy, soigne, soignee, some, spiffy, spruce, statesmanlike, swagger, swank, swanky, swell, swish, tactful, the compleat, the complete, tony, trendy, trig, ultrafashionable, virtuoso, vogue, voguish, well turned-out, well-done, well-dressed, with it, with-it, workmanlike
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